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3 March 2013
CDs Available

CD versions of Ambient Works Vol. 1, Martorell, Comaphoria, Autumn Is Beautiful, The Fantastical Flute Fanatic and Map Skills/Rubix are now available from the catalogue page.

31 December 2009
Happy New Year!

It's been a big year for Purple Stereo Countdown. We started the year as a group of friends with a vague idea of starting something and now we end the year with a functioning online record label with 11 full releases (and 1 promotional release) and a total of 893 downloads of these releases. Over the year, Mas and Comaphoria have joined the original Legavrik, The Noise Engine and Hypnic Jerk in releasing albums on the label. 2010 also promises to be a big year for us, with future releases from Hypnic Jerk, Mas and Legavrik expected, as well as an exciting new release from The Anti Psychotic Budweiser Combination.

Thank-you to everyone who has been with us through this year. You've made the ride a joy to be on!

18 December 2009
Bucket Full of Fear Released

Bucket Full of Fear, an EP of Elephant 6 covers by Legavrik, is now available for free download. It includes covers of songs by Neutral Milk Hotel, Circulatory System and Elf Power. The final track on the EP, Forever, contains vocal contributions from a number of friends of Legavrik as well as ambient/drum & bass backing by Mas.

3 December 2009
Legavrik Recording

Legavrik have been working on tracks for their upcoming release Bucket Full of Fear and are hoping to have it ready to release by the end of the year.

1 July 2009
Rubix Released

Mas has released Rubix, a two-track EP, for free download. The two tracks were recorded by Mas to be included on the album he is working on, but the musical direction of the tracks did not fit with the rest of the material, so Mas decided to release them as an EP.

8 June 2009
Mas Is Recording

Mas has been working on new material and hopes to release a full album for download soon.

1 June 2009
Map Skills Released

Map Skills, an EP of ambient and drum & bass music recorded by Mas is now available for download.

29 May 2009

Mas, or Wil Voce as he is more usually known, has been recording a number ambient drum & bass demos. Expect a full release in the near future...

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