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Purple Stereo Countdown began life as a group of musicians—Matthew Scroggs, Jamie Davidson and Rob White—based in Stratford-upon-Avon in August 2007. Matthew Scroggs and Rob White came up with the name at the same time at which they came up with the idea for Fred's Countdown by The Noise Engine and soon after this, Matthew Scroggs designed the Purple Stereo Countdown logo.

In March 2009, Matthew Scroggs and Rob White created the Purple Stereo Countdown record label to make the music made and shared among the group available to the world and in early April 2009, the Purple Stereo Countdown website was born. Soon after, releases which had been recorded before the founding of the label—The Staircase Gig by Legavrik, Ambient Works Vol. 1 by Hypnic Jerk and Inside/Outside and A Compilation of Noise, both by The Noise Engine—were released. Over the following months, the running of the label was carried out by Matthew Scroggs from Oxford and the Purple Stereo Countdown family grew to include Mas and Comaphoria.

After contributing vocals to Forever on Legavrik's Bucket Full of Fear in December 2009, Alex Bolton's solo project, The Bolt, became associated with the PSC label in January 2010 with the release of The Fantastical Flute Fanatic. In early 2010, plans to release a compilation of material by The Anti Psychotic Budweiser Combination, the long-running project of Jamie Davidson and his brother Graeme Davidson, began to form.

In January 2011, the PSC Forums and Shop were launched. In August 2012, running of the PSC label moved to London.

In 2014, Hen joined the label and released Hen. 2014 also saw Pelican Crossing joining the label and starting work on their first release.

In 2015, Jack David's debut album You, Me and the Great Wall Between was released on the label.

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If you have any comments etc, you can contact webmaster@purplestereo.co.uk.

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