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The Fantastical Flute Fanatic
The Bolt

Release Date:20 January 2010
Cat No:PSC013

The Fantastical Flute Fanatic is an EP of short duets played by Alex Bolton on the flute.

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Track Listing
1 Chapter 1: The Interrogation/On a Tandem for Two 0:26
Alex Bolton: Flutes
2 Chapter 2: The Reckoning/In Baghdad 0:34
Alex Bolton: Flutes
3 Chapter 3: The Summit/Barcarolle 0:24
Alex Bolton: Flutes
4 Chapter 4: The Revelation/Blooper! 0:03
Written by Alex Bolton
Alex Bolton: Flutes
5 Chapter 5: The Mystic Garden/Pas de Deux 0:14
Alex Bolton: Flutes
6 Chapter 6: The Tranquilisers Take Effect/Lullaby 0:14
Alex Bolton: Flutes
7 Chapter 7: The March of the Red Army/Folk Song 0:15
Alex Bolton: Flutes
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