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Alex Bolton (all instruments)


The Bolt (Alex Bolton) is a musician from Halifax who became involved with the Purple Stereo Countdown after contributing vocals to Forever on Legavrik's Bucket Full of Fear EP.

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20 January 2010
The Bolt - The Fantastical Flute Fanatic

An EP of flute duets played by Alex Bolton.

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Alex BoltonCover of The Fantastical Flute Fanatic by The Bolt (cover by Matthew Scroggs)

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8 January 2017
Seed Released

The new The Noise Engine album, Seed, is released today. It is available for free download or to buy on CD. The album features collaborations with James Tweedie, Pelican Crossing and The Bolt, among others. You can listen to three tracks below, or head to the Seed page to get a copy.

3 March 2013
CDs Available

CD versions of Ambient Works Vol. 1, Martorell, Comaphoria, Autumn Is Beautiful, The Fantastical Flute Fanatic and Map Skills/Rubix are now available from the catalogue page.

20 January 2010
The Fantastical Flute Fanatic Released

The Fantastical Flute Fanatic by The Bolt, an EP of flute duets played by Alex Bolton, is now available for free download.

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